it’s only one thing and it shouldn’t be that hard to finish, truth be told it wasn’t that difficult to begin

it happens to me all the time, one thing comes to my mind

unbidden, appearing out of nowhere or coming with a lot of other little things impersonating ideas

 there it sits, in my mind’s eye, twinkling and sparkling until it starts to blind me, everything in the picture seems out of focus

and boom, i begin

i work on it, i neglect it, i obsess about it, that thing that needs attention, that idea that just won’t leave me alone

i lose interest, i don’t finish it, i am filled with regret but that’s okay

because when i wasn’t looking, another thing had come along





i love the intuitive nature of the internet.  i am well aware that those cookies and crawlers and whatever track my every move, amazon please make a note on my profile that i found a sink, bought it, installed it and brush my teeth there every day, stop sending me pictures of sinks you think i should own.  i do like it though when it takes me on a trip into the blogosphere to visit other bloggers who thrill me with good writing and great photos.

my apologies to the blogger whose idea it was to post a photo of something they love and wouldn’t want to lose.  i haven’t been able to find you again and would definitely give you credit for this idea.  i called the other soeur and pitched the idea, lets post about something we love, once a week for 52 weeks.

52 in 52 starts today, hooray hooray it’s the first of may, outdoor play starts today.

these three little wooden houses, one inch by one inch have been with me since i was a little girl.  originally a set that included tiny wooden green trees, a church, a school, a building of sorts, all gone by the wayside over the fifty some years they have been with me. these three little houses have been lost for years, found again more than once.  i am a cluttered person, collecting bits and pieces, large and small, scattering them all over our house and each time i catch a glimpse of one of those special pieces i smile, a little bubble of happiness catches me and i move on.  thank you three little houses for making me happy.

xo margie

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